The essay writer software

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The essay writer software

Graphical idea maps, split screen view and colour coding help you to visualise and assemble essays quickly and easily taking ideas from concept to full essay in a few simple steps.

Follow this link to see video demonstrations of Essay Writer. If you would like to try the software download a trial by clicking click here.

Below are a few reasons how the software makes essay writing easier.

Why choose us?

Do you have difficulties with the structure and layout of essays? Highly visual graphical idea maps allows you to see very clearly how your ideas will fit together. Have you always had difficulties producing essays? Idea map and essay are produced side by side so that you can instantly see the essay and re-structure it by changing the idea map.

Essay is researched, structured, written and referenced in one program which has a simple and clean user interface, reducing the need to switch between applications. Have you tried to use mind mapping in the past but spend more time creating the mind map than the work associated with it?

Why avoid amateur and freelance writers online?

In Split Screen View the essay is created simultaneously with the idea map so all work is productive.

Have you got difficulties with short term memory and processing information and find it difficult to remember the full scale of a concept and see the piece as a whole? Idea map can be tilted and rotated in 3D allowing you to see even large maps in their entirety, thus reducing the amount of information that needs to be held in short term memory.

Do you find it difficult to get started with an essay and to use the appropriate academic language?

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Templates and built-in academic phrase bank help you to overcome blank page syndrome while at the same time produce properly worded academic writing. Do you find it difficult to create bibliography? You can add bibliographic references with ease at any time, references are automatically formatted in Harvard or indexed style.The professional essay writer on our site has long-term experience in academic writing, so he can complete essays quickly.

Most students don’t have much money to spend on writing services. Don’t panic – our prices are not high, so you can afford ordering a paper. The essay cannot be so terrifying if you simply request us, “write my essay.” An essay that causes problems for you can be written by our professional writer.

Write My Essay . Dr Essay's Ultimate Essay Writer is a revolutionary academic tools that helps you write an essay article, it works by helping you research the essay topic, rewriting the information found online and adding references to your essay.

the essay writer software

Once you hire essay writer from our company, you can be sure that this person has gone through all the challenges to become part of our team! In particular, to work for sour service, one should take several examinations and write a sample essay.

Essay writing software – be careful about what you use

About us. Essay Writer Premium 3D for Mac and Windows is the simple to use, essay creation tool that helps students create great essays in half the time. Your personal writer starts working on the essay – you can keep in touch with your writer, while he/she is working on your assignment. Constant and direct cooperation guaranteed.

The written paper passes several checks – before the delivering, each paper is checked by professional editors to avoid some mistakes and errors.

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