Swot analysis of yes bank

You will find information on the business structure, areas of operation, products and services offered by the company. It helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you to understand your partners, customers and competitors better. The report utilizes a wide range of primary and secondary sources, which are analyzed and presented in a consistent and easily accessible format.

Swot analysis of yes bank

Abstract Urban Cooperative Banks UCBs will have to perform their own SWOT analysis which will enable them to become efficient, effective, competitive and, above all, viable and profitable business enterprises.

Needless to emphasize that UCBs are going to emerge as an important segment of the banking sector in the post-reforms period. Description Urban Cooperative Banks UCBs are essentially credit societies that have emerged over the last years as banks.

While the government support and patronage had always been to the rural credit cooperatives, and rightly so, the growth of other credit societies and UCBs has been without any support, either from the government or from any other quarter.

Their growth was, however, always constrained on account of restrictive cooperative laws. After the UCBs were brought under the Reserve Bank of India's RBI control inthey have effectively been subject to dual control and operating under this dual control regime has been a big challenge for the sector.

UCBs form a significant segment of the financial system both in terms of their number and also their share in the deposits.

Swot analysis of yes bank

The ever-increasing incidence of overdues and consequential Non-Performing Assets NPAs occasioned by poor recovery of loans disbursed by them and inadequate human resources development have crippled their financial solvency, economic viability, productivity and profitability.

An effort has been made to conceptualize future strategies for ushering in an era of self-reliant, self-sustained and economically viable urban cooperative credit structure. Survival of the fittest in urban banking sector will assume greater significance in years to come.

In a way, this has led the UCBs to reposition themselves in the increasingly competitive environment. It may be interesting to note that the commercial banks, during the period of depression following the two World Wars, had suffered considerable loss of public confidence and cooperative banks were considered to be safer institutions.

This was true of the banking sector in Europe as well as in India. While in most of the developed countries in Europe, cooperative banks are still considered to be more ethical in their dealings than commercial banks, the scenario is different in India.Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs) will have to perform their own SWOT analysis which will enable them to become efficient, effective, competitive and, above all, viable and profitable business enterprises.

Apr 25,  · I have an old text book from – Get Through Guide Question Bank. There is a question on SWOT analysis.

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I have not seen this in any of your lectures or in the BPP Study Text. 5 Why Analysis – Lean framework to get to the root cause of an issue or a defect: Swot Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats business framework: Sipoc – High level view of the process inputs and outputs: 7 Wastes – Lean types of waste to be eliminated: Affinity Diagram – Brainstorming technique for organization of information in logical categories.

What is a SWOT analysis? One of my favorite tools to use with clients is one of the oldest in the bag of business tools, the SWOT analysis. First, what exactly is a SWOT analysis? Coffee Franchises - Swot Analysis, Business Report IV; Coffee Franchises - Swot Analysis, Business Report IV.

Swot analysis of yes bank

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