Psle english paper format

Candidates will be required to meet the demands of a given situational context. Candidates will be required to write a composition of at least words on one of two given topics: Paper 2 Language use and comprehension Candidates will be assessed on their ability to use langugae correctly and to comprehend graphic and textual information. Listening Comprehension Comprises of 20 multiple choice questions which test candidate's ability to understand spoken English.

Psle english paper format

Points 1 - 3. Points 4 - 6. Stick to the picture composition as it is the safer option. Remember the write about all the events in the pictures and the characters. Describe the characters, actions and feelings Psle english paper format characters.

Elaborate your actions and explain clearly.

Psle english paper format

Neither Peter nor the boys ARE going home. Neither the girls nor the boy IS going home. Everything singular form Everything belongs to him.

Everything in the boxes belongs to him. Change the keywords and tenses. Peter asked his son, "Did you eat your breakfast this morning?

The verb outside is 'asked' past tense. Therefore, I need to change the tenses in the speech. There is a punctuation mark, so the subject comes first before the verb. Subject is 'you' and verb is 'did eat'.

So I have to change the tenses too. For more information on synthesis and transformation rules, do a search on the blog on 'synthesis'. Check your tenses and spelling please!

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Magnets A loadstone is a natural magnet. Magnets will point towards the North-south direction when hung freely. The magnetism strength is the strongest at the two end where the poles are North and South and weakest in the Middle!

Magnets attract magnetic objects. Magnets can also attract and repel other objects. An object that only can be attracted is a magnetic material.

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However, magnetic objects can be used to make temporary magnets through the 'stroking' method The more strokes, the more the magnetism strength and the 'electro-magnetism' method the more coils of wire around the object and more electricity that passes through the object, the more magnetism strength.

Not all metals are magnetic. Only Iron, Cobalt, Nickel and Steel are! Light Light is a form of energy. Helps people to see and plants to make food. Source of light include the sun, fire, kerosene lamp and fireflies.

Light is reflected off an object into our eyes to enable us to see the object Note the flow and sequence. When light is blocked by opaque objects, shadows are formed.

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Opaque objects do not allow light to pass through at all. Translucent objects allow some light to pass through. Transparent objects allow all the light to pass through. A periscope reflects the light from the object to the mirrors at 90 degrees angle in straight lines to a person's eyes.

A magnifying glass allows light to pass through which focuses the light energy and heat energy from the sun that can cause objects to burn such as leaves and paper.Topics for New PSLE English Composition Format Some parents have commented on the lack of available resources on the new PSLE English Composition format at the bookshops.

I have compiled a few composition topics. LATEST REVISED: Gear Up for PSLE English. S$6 - Questions are modelled closely after PSLE exam format - Good to use as practise paper leading up to PSLE - LATEST Revised based on PSLE exam format - If u buy bundled with Gear Up for Math, will be at almost HALF PX of $10 for 2 books!

- No trade/non-negotiable. May 11,  · The other component of Paper 1 in PSLE English is the Situational Writing paper. It is taken in ONE sitting, together with the Continuous Writing (Composition).

The Situational Writing component carries a total weightage of 15 marks; 6 marks for . Format of the English Paper 3 ORAL overwhelm your child with revision papers leave grammatical mistakes unchecked 16 Use It or Lose It Title PSLE English.

PSLE English. May 10,  · PSLE English oral. Academic support for Primary 6 and PSLE Do you have workshops for kids who will be taking the new english oral format for psle? Thanks! Bunbun OrangeBelt Posts: 50 Joined set a goal for your son. Your son should already knew it.

The teachers have even broken down the goals for Paper 1, Paper 2, Booklet A and.

Psle english paper format

Leroy. Many students fear reported speech questions like I fear the dentist! It’s actually one of the EASIEST synthesis questions to get right, IF you follow this formula, and practice this procedure.

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