No 8 wire culture

The two huia feathers in her hair, indicate a chiefly lineage. She also wears a pounamu hei-tiki and earring, as well as a shark tooth mako earring. The moko-kauae chin-tattoo is often based on one's role in the iwi. They originated with settlers from eastern Polynesiawho arrived in New Zealand in several waves of canoe voyages at some time between and CE.

No 8 wire culture

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In 19th-century New Zealand, Number 8 wire was so important daily papers carried prominent ads for each shipment. From a New Zealand Inc perspective, inventiveness dominated by practical trial and error, and incremental problem solving using available resources 2 is most often carried out with no commercial end No 8 wire culture mind.

In the electric street lighting in the Nelson suburb of Brightwater was powered by a small hydroelectric generator in the hills above the city. To switch the lights on and off, a chicken run was added to the power plant. At dusk, every night the hens would go inside their coop and roost on a hinged perch.

This sank under their weight and connected a switch which turned on the street lights. At first light the hens would leave the coop, the spring-loaded perch swung back and the lights went out again. This trend has continued. Chief among these are the so called "tall poppy syndrome" and our constant undervaluing of intellectual assets.

As Smale observes 6, New Zealanders have turned understatement and self-depreciation into an art form. We are suspicious of specialists and specialist knowledge We accord most respect to practical achievers We especially venerate those who succeed against the odds rather than those who achieve commercial success 7 Most importantly, we disbelieve, even in the face of strong evidence to the contrary, in our ability to do world-scale innovation.

How often have we heard it said of well-resourced foreigners, "Surely they must have already done it? This undervaluing of our innovation is costing us dearly. Consider the following examples of world leading and commercially viable innovation that kiwis have given away: In John Eustace, a Dunedin tinsmith, invented the airtight lid.

This invention is still used on containers such as paint cans and tins of golden syrup. He sent his prototype to England to have a die made in order to mass-produce it, but did not take out a patent on it.

No 8 wire culture

Soon many British companies began making lids using the Eustace design. One company even offered Eustace thousands of pounds for the rights to it, before realising they could legally copy it for nothing. At the time, sheep were only farmed in New Zealand for wool.

Assorted experiments in refrigerated shipping had been attempted in the mids - sometimes successful on a small scale - but generally not successful on a larger scale.

The first attempt to ship refrigerated sheep meat from Australia had resulted in the loss of the whole cargo. Although founding an entirely new industry, Brydone and Davidson obtained no formal IP protection for the method. A new fruit that became popular in New Zealand from the s was first named the Chinese gooseberry, because the seeds had been imported from China.

New Zealand growers began exporting the fruit to the US in the s. It was the height of the Cold War and growers were advised to change the name to make their product more politically appealing.

However New Zealand growers did not register the "kiwifruit" trade mark internationally, so any country in the world could use it. He was swamped with orders but faced difficulties expanding production.

The giving away of our IP often in exchange for nothing more than recognition of being the first appears to be a national trait. In we wrote double the OECD average number of scientific papers per million population.

In the same period we filed 11 "triadic patents" 9 per million population - one-quarter of the OECD average. Based on these results one economic commentator warned in August The low patent count does not bode well for an advanced nation like New Zealand and the country risks losing out in innovation and competiveness in the international market if the situation persists.

Smale suggests 5 key strategies for optimising inventiveness: To this we would add a 6th: Ignorance is probably the greatest barrier to the use of IP or to the most effective use of IP.

While ignorance of the IP system was not spoken of by the interviewees as a particular problem, many problems identified relate in one way or another to a lack of understanding.They're not just trees, they are a challenge, a call for you to reorient your relationship with nature.

Bonsai offers you an opportunity to view a landscape - tree - and yourself in . Hair Pin 3/16 x /8 MB Spring Wire Zinc Yellow. Power Transmission components for everything from the tool room to the production line including key stock, .

And while most talk up Number 8 Wire mentality as a positive aspect of Kiwi culture, others argue that it is merely putting a brave face and positive spin on our cultural and industrial isolation – that New Zealand would be economically much better off if we had just imported, and learned how to use, the proper equipment in the first place.

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But the No. 8 Wire phrase isn’t even about the wire anymore. It’s a mentality and an attitude that says we can do anything. From fixing stuff with basic equipment, to really high-level achievements (like climbing Everest or making a jet boat or jet pack).

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