My fat squad leader

Overview[ edit ] The show is set in the year , AD, on a satellite which orbits Earth. This future Earth is never visited directly, though it is referred in dialogue as a peaceful utopia where there are no longer any problems to solve. All nations of the world have merged into one, and according to Tuddrussel, there are "no wars, no pollution, and bacon is good for your heart ".

My fat squad leader

The advantage of the general purpose machine gun concept was that it added greatly to the overall volume of fire that could be put out by a squad-sized unit.

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An infantry Gruppe consisted of ten men; a non-commissioned officer or Unteroffizier squad leader, deputy squad leader, a three-man machine gun team machine gunner, assistant gunner and ammunition carrier and five riflemen.

As personal small arms the squad leader was issued a rifle or as of around a submachine gunthe machine gunner and his assistant were issued pistols and the deputy squad leader, ammunition carrier and the riflemen were issued rifles.

The riflemen carried additional ammunition, hand grenadesexplosive charges or a machine gun tripod as required and provided security and covering fire for the machine gun team. United States[ edit ] United States Army[ edit ] Historically, a "squad" in the US Army was a sub-unit of a sectionconsisting of from as few as two soldiers to as many as 12 and was originally used primarily for drill and administrative purposes e.

Inthe US Army officially defined a rifle "squad" as consisting of "seven privates and one corporal.

My fat squad leader

Under the Triangular Division organization plan in rifle squads were no longer organized into sections. The squad leader was still only a corporal but the squad was also assigned a PFC one of the scout riflemen as the assistant to the squad leader.

While not a noncommissioned officer NCO the PFC was an experienced soldier, as prior to WWII the majority of enlisted men remained privates for the entire term of their enlistment since promotion opportunity was scarce. However, the obvious command viz.

This adjustment raised the squad leader to a sergeant grade 4 and the assistant squad leader to a corporal grade 5. The "platoon leader" with the officer still being the "platoon commander" now became a staff sergeantgrade 3.

In the enlisted rank structure was simplified and seven grades were established ranging from master sergeant as grade 1 to private as grade 7; staff sergeant being one of the new rank titles then established by combining several intermediate sergeant grades ranking above section leaders but below the company first sergeant.

Platoon leaders now became technical sergeantsas grade 2, and first sergeants became equal in pay grade to master sergeants as grade 1.

The BAR man automatic rifleman and the senior rifleman of the Charlie element became corporals grade 5 and de facto team leaders, even though not officially designated as such. In NCO platoon leaders were re-designated as platoon sergeants and officer platoon commanders became platoon leaders.

My fat squad leader

The two scouts of the Able element were eliminated with the idea that all of the riflemen should be able to perform the scouting duties and would therefore all share in the associated inherent risk of that position.

PFC became grade 5, private was grade 6, and recruit was grade 7; PFCs wore one chevron and privates and recruits both wore none. Also, inthe rank title of the platoon sergeant changed from technical sergeant which was eliminated to sergeant first class SFC grade 2 and the rank title of first sergeant was again eliminated, being retained only as an occupational title for the senior NCO of a company.

In the pay grades were reversed, with master sergeant becoming E-7 vice the previous grade 1 and sergeant first class becoming E-6, so that the squad leader became a sergeant E-5 and the assistant squad leader, a corporal E The rifle squad was reorganized into an eleven-man organization with a sergeant E-5 as squad leader and two five-man fire teams.

The assistant squad leader position was eliminated, with the senior fire team leader now filling this role as needed. Inwith the addition of the E-8 and E-9 pay grades, the ranks of the squad and fire team leaders changed again, now to staff sergeant E-6 and sergeant E-5respectively.

The restructuring restored the traditional sergeant and staff sergeant rank insignia of three chevrons and three chevrons over an inverted arc, respectively.

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Platoon sergeant became a separate rank title, and along with SFC, became E-7; first sergeants and master sergeants became pay grade E This iteration of the rifle squad retained the two fire teams but eliminated the two scouts one in each fire teaminstead providing the squad leader with one extra rifleman, who could be used to reinforce either fire team or assist the squad leader as required.

Currently, US Army rifle squads consist of nine soldiers, organized under a squad leader into two four-man fire teams.

The squad leader is a staff sergeant E-6 and the two fire team leaders are sergeants E Mechanized infantry and Stryker infantry units are equipped with M2A3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and M Strykerinfantry carrier vehicles, respectively.

Unlike the ROAD era mechanized infantry units, none of the vehicle crewman M2A3 - three, M - two are counted as part of the nine-man rifle squad transported by the vehicles. United States Marine Corps[ edit ] In the United States Marine Corpsa rifle squad is usually composed of three fireteams of four Marines each and a squad leader who is typically a sergeant or corporal.

Other types of USMC infantry squads include: These squads range from as few as three Marines 60mm LWCM squad to as many as eight Javelin Missile squaddepending upon the weapon system with which the squad is equipped.

Squads are also used in reconnaissance, light armored reconnaissance scout dismountscombat engineer, law enforcement i. On 9 Mayit was announced that a USMC squad will be reduced to 12 Marines, with three fire teams of three Marines each with two new positions: Soviet Union[ edit ] In the Soviet Armed Forces a motorised rifle squad was mounted in either a BTR armoured personnel carrier or BMP infantry fighting vehiclewith the former being more numerous by the late s.

Within a platoon the rifleman in one of the squads was armed with an SVD sniper rifle.Enjoy hand-picked episodes, clips, and web exclusives.

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