Maternal health in afghanistan

Attached to a suction pump Up to 15 weeks' gestation, suction-aspiration or vacuum aspiration are the most common surgical methods of induced abortion. These techniques differ in the mechanism used to apply suction, in how early in pregnancy they can be used, and in whether cervical dilation is necessary. MVA, also known as "mini-suction" and " menstrual extraction ", can be used in very early pregnancy, and does not require cervical dilation.

Maternal health in afghanistan

World Health Organization Source - Every day women die from complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Source 16 million - Each year, about 16 million girls ages give birth. Pregnancy and childbirth is the leading cause of death among this age group. Source million - Globally, million women who wish to delay or avoid pregnancy have an unmet need for contraception.

With the UN's release of the Millennium Development Goals Annual Report, greater attention is being drawn to countries in which progress has fallen far short of expectations.

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Posted on July 1, President of Malawi Dr Joyce Banda has announced that infrastructure investment in the health sector will be vital to reduce the country's maternal mortality rate. Posted on June 27, Space-age technology, neoprene the same material used for wet suits and Velcro have gone into an experimental garment health experts hope can treat postpartum haemorrhage, the leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide.

Posted on June 21, Countries in which girls are commonly married before the age of 18 have significantly higher rates of maternal and infant mortality, report researchers in the current online issue of the journal Violence Against Women.

Posted on June 20, Philippines President Benigno Aquino has signed into law a bill providing for free access to contraception and family planning. Mozambique Case Study A case study that explores immediate impacts of Trump's global gag rule in Mozambique.WHAT IS AIM?

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The United States has the highest maternal mortality rate of any high resource country—and it is the only country outside of Afghanistan and Sudan where the rate is rising.

In developing countries like Afghanistan, midwives bring great hope to the tens of thousands of women who have no access to doctors or clinics. Just ten years ago, Afghanistan was the most dangerous place in the world for a woman to give birth.

Maternal health in afghanistan

The life time risk of maternal deaths was 1 in 6 which translated to one woman dying every 27 . Health in Afghanistan. By Abdullah Qazi / March 5, Last updated: September 29, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Public Health has the responsibility to oversee all matters related to the health Afghanistan’s population.

Dec 16,  · Women in Afghanistan still face gender violence and have limited legal protection. But small gains in maternal health are critical for rebuilding Afghan society.

Maternal health in afghanistan

A key objective of UNICEF's health and nutrition programme is to reduce infant and maternal mortality by supporting and strengthening national health systems.

Afghanistan has some of the world's most alarming negative indicators in these areas. MoPH Strategic Plan. The Strategic Planfor the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has been developed through a highly participatory process.

UNICEF: Afghanistan one of worst places in world to be pregnant