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In this post, I vaguely document my entry into the skeptical community -- that is, people who promote critical thinking and emphasize problem-solving as well as not being swindled. After a while of getting lost, I found the pub in which the skeptics are meeting. So, I was really hungry during her talk.

Mad science writer blogspot background

Why Hovind hasn't earned the title of 'Dr.

mad science writer blogspot background

Dino' 2a of 5 In Part 1 of this seriesI described why Kent Hovind's 'doctoral dissertation' doesn't even qualify as one, from its own admission of not being original research, to exposing the school that issued it as being highly dubious indeed.

If you haven't read it already, please do. My favorite part is where he says that Noah's flood destroyed every living thing on earth during the Fifth Dynasty of Egypt. As you may have noticed, this post is Part 2a of 5. It seems that Chapter 1 divides nicely into three fairly equal pieces, which I am now working with one at a time.

It's much easier, both on me and my readers. Also, I would like to address some criticisms: I've been given quite a hard time for wasting my time and talent on shredding apart what is so obviously unworthy of anyone's attention in the first place.

After all, attention for being obnoxious is what these young-earth creationist proponents want, and I'm giving it in spades. Why do I bother to beat this dead horse instead of write about something my readers would actually care about?

It's not as though I would expect to convince any of Kent Hovind's fans that there may be something fundamentally wrong with his fundamentalist claims.

If I want to impress someone with my writing, then I should pick a topic that actually requires work in order to figure it out. So, why am I doing this? Because really, I just need the exercise. It's straightforward and not intimidating, and I think it's good practice for me to go through the motions without the pressure of having to make a difference in the world.

Most of all, one might think that if I am doing this for the benefit of my Arch-Rival in Taking Over the World, then I'm only shooting myself in the foot. After all, Kent Hovind -- while he is in federal prison at present -- has nevertheless gotten rich and successful, unlike me.

Who's actually 'made it' in life -- someone who has a career, or some random blogger? Never mind about his fake degree -- what credentials do I have? To answer that, I'm currently working on my transfer degree to get to a four-year university, and that will be more qualification than Kent Hovind has ever earned, as I have previously mentioned.

So really, is this all just to make myself feel superior to some rich person who acts like an idiot? Is writing this series actually about how ignorant or dishonest I can expose someone else to be in order to stroke my own ego? Of course, writing something more timely and important may also further my career, so what is my excuse for playing silly games instead of working?


If this lame excuse is not satisfactory to my readers, especially if you're the type who is so traumatized by the pain of listening to Hovind's abject nonsense that you never want to hear his name again this isn't hypothetical, I know such peoplejust know that I'm only going to do this once and only once.

And I'm gonna do it good. So, I should really be getting on with Part 2a already, and I would like to point out first that throughout this dissertation, Hovind shows signs of insecurity by frequently using words such as 'clearly', 'definitely' and 'obviously' in almost every point he makes.

I can 'clearly' see why Hovind would have to resort to this form of bullying, because in the very first sentence, he demonstrates that he seems to have no clue about what evolutionary theory is: Bastardizing Science This is really the first sentence: Where in the world did the idea come from that things left to themselves can improve with time?

Who would start a crazy idea like that? In this way, they make those who accept evolution look 'crazy'!

mad science writer blogspot background

In reality, of course, biological evolution is quite different: As evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould phrased it, evolution is not a watchmaker, but a short-order cook. Unlike wine and cheese, species are not expected to 'improve' over time according to some subjective criterion or human taste.

It sure would be 'crazy' if people who study evolution thought it to be progressive -- now, wouldn't it? The theory of evolution only predicts that species will adapt, which is the only thing a lineage can do to keep itself from going extinct in the face of any environmental challenge.

Evolution does not plan ahead, nor strive for any particular goal; in general, changes occur because they are necessary in the immediate environment.

And it goes on and on this way:Fun experiments for your little ones that are sure to make them mad for science! Explore the properties of nature with rainbows, slime, foamy explosions, electric dough, and LEGO explorers waiting to be rescued from an icy fate!

Teach lessons to the littlest learners about biology, reactions, electricity, atoms, problem solving, density and the weather! Read news digest here: view the latest Mad Science Writer Blogspot articles and content updates right away or get to their most visited pages. is currently listed among low-traffic adult (18+) websites. It seems that Mad Science Writer Blogspot content is notably popular in Indonesia. May 05,  · That paper said outright what all these other papers merely use as a background assumption about people the writers don't like, and tried to make it out to be a "scientific finding", with the feigned authority of hard science (well, harder than sociology anyway) that applies to .

The first post of and possibly the last, as I just can't think of anything else I want to do with this blog? I really only wanted a place to put the contents of the old cover scan site and a few pics of interesting monster mag related ephemera, etc.

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