Login logout system

LINFO Login Definition A login, logging in or logging on is the entering of identifier information into a system by a user in order to access that system e. It is an integral part of computer security procedures. A login generally requires the user to enter two pieces of information, first a user name and then a password. This information is entered into a login window on a GUI graphical user interface or on the command line in a console i.

Login logout system

The means of attendance monitoring might include the following: All methods have some advantages and disadvantages. Computer monitoring software, offering login and logout monitoring methods, is a good addition or even a replacement to the above methods.

Login logout system

About Monitoring Technologies Manual reporting might be done by signing an attendance sheet or checking a name on a chart. Surveillance requires the use of video cameras that record the entry and exit of people in and out of a building. These are installed at an entrance and connected to computer monitor screens.

The cameras might be openly in view or hidden. The fingerprint is scanned for recognition to allow access to a building or a room, or a photo of the iris is taken and instantly processed for recognition. It is assumed that no two fingerprints are alike, as also no two irises are identical.

Login and logout monitoring is best suited for employees that work with computers; software that monitors system login and logout may be used also for purposes of monitoring attendance.

About Login and Logout Monitoring Software When computer monitoring software is used to monitor login and logout, the following data regarding attendance may be gathered: The amount of time that the employee was logged in may be calculated automatically, based on the times and dates of the logins and logouts.

Reports may indicate which employees are absent or tardy the most over a given period of time. If an employee should try to log in and then leave the workplace, the computer monitoring software offers another function for monitoring active and idle time on the computer. Reports indicate discrepancies between logins and excessive idle times, while logged in.

Computer monitoring software offers a variety of functions besides attendance monitoring and login and logout monitoring.

Login logout system

It is used also to monitor active and idle times on a computer, the usage of software and documents, use of the Internet, including websites and social networks, as well as other computer activities. Login and Logout Monitoring as a Part of Attendance Monitoring Login and logout monitoring is an important part of attendance monitoring.

It works well especially for employees who use computers. This kind of monitoring may supplement other methods of attendance monitoring or even replace them.

The following are advantages of monitoring the login and logout of employees: The need for a supervisor to do the task manually is eliminated.

The supervisor can do other work; saved time is saved money.


The employees do not need to take extra time for attendance preliminaries before starting work. They may begin work immediately, as they arrive. It is impossible to cheat on attendance. No one else might log in for another, since active and idle times would then have to be accounted for.

When using login and logout monitoring, the supervisor no longer needs to watch for falsified attendance reporting. The monitoring software works at all times behind the scenes, keeping track of the use of the computer.Four Campuses, One University The University of Colorado is a public research university with multiple campuses serving Colorado, the nation and the world through leadership in high-quality education and professional training, public service, advancing research and knowledge, and state-of-the-art health care.

This proposed system will help the employees to log-in/log-out faster and easier with the use of the said proposed system. The payroll clerk will compute the total . o The Client Access System Home page appears. • Logout of Client Access System: Click the Logout button at the top right of most pages to logout of the Client Access System.

• Update Account: Click the My Profile button at the bottom right corner of most pages to access your account information. Don't forget to logout or exit your browser when you're done. If you are having trouble logging in, make sure to enable cookies in your web browser.

Account Login You have been successfully logged out. Please login below to go back into the application. A login, logging in or logging on is the entering of identifier information into a system by a user in order to access that system (e.g., a computer or a website).


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