Industrial market vs consumer market

Probably not the introduction you expected for an industrial marketing article. Many small to medium sized industrial businesses are hesitant to invest in marketing efforts simply because they fail to see any measurable return on investment. In many cases, though, industrial companies view marketing through a more traditional B2C lens, which is a problem, since industrial marketing and consumer marketing are two very different animals.

Industrial market vs consumer market

Find schools offering marketing programs What is industrial Marketing? Industrial marketing, also known as business-to-business B2B marketing, is a branch of communications and sales that specializes in providing goods and services to other businesses, rather than to individual customers See also B2B Marketing.

Because industrial marketing often involves large orders and long-term relationships between the producer and client, the process from first pitch to close of sale is often more complex than the process between a business and a private customer.

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While B2C sales might focus on one-on-one interactions between two parties, businesses are usually made up of a number of individuals.

Rising Industrial Marketing Strategies Between and Between andindustry marketing in the United States continued to put more effort and funding into information-based marketing strategies. Who Uses Industrial Marketing? Many companies create and market products that have little to no application on the level of the individual customer, so their only clients will be other businesses.

The machinery would have to be sold to another business that has both the resources and need to produce large quantities of their own product, such as a mass-market toy factory that needs to create one million units of the same toy each year.

Industrial Marketing Strategies Industrial marketing is an intricate process that occurs at many stages. It can involve a wide variety of marketing strategies, such as: Informational websites with language directed at other businesses Personalized presentations to the management staff of potential clients Product samples to demonstrate confidence in the quality of the product Online videos displaying products and sales staff Many consumer product companies develop special marketing divisions specifically for B2B clients.

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Furniture manufacturers often do this, opening up their tables, chairs, and couches to businesses that may want them for their corporate offices. Service providers also occasionally expand to industrial clients to take advantage of more lucrative contracts.

A legal practice specializing in contract law, for instance, could expand its scope from representing only individuals to helping businesses develop their own contracts. The Industrial Marketing Process The first step in developing an industrial marketing plan is the same as developing any kind of marketing plan: The producer must understand what kinds of businesses would benefit from the product.

This creates a foundation and focus for the rest of the marketing plan. Next, the producer needs to tailor their introduction to prospective clients. Though old-fashioned, face-to-face networking is alive and well in the business-to-business world, it is increasingly important to have a strong online presence.

Potential clients will always research a company before negotiating a sale of its product. A website with detailed but not overly specific content about the company and its products serves as a great introduction.

They would then augment the effectiveness of the website by adding a regularly updated blog about new products, or post on social networks informing users about the locations where they can buy their chocolate.

Page decided to launch a blog with tips and tricks for using iron fence material in creative ways. Once a potential client is interested in the product, the producer should shift focus from the general introduction of its web presence to more personalized meetings and presentations.

Communication with potential clients through email, phone conversations, and in-person presentations helps nurture the business relationship. Professionals at the chocolate manufacturer might send product samples with personalized notes to develop a strong impression ahead of a business meeting.

Once the client is ready to discuss the details of a contract, the marketing phase is nearly over. The focus of all materials for this specific client should shift to maintaining a good working relationship.

Industrial market vs consumer market

The chocolate manufacturer should have a solid plan with its accounts managers for how to compose emails and conduct phone conversations with representatives of the candy store, as well as how to inform them about new products. Because the store is no longer a new client, all communications should be customized to their specific experience with the producer.

See also Relationship Marketing Career Opportunities in Industrial Marketing Industrial marketing is a vast field with many moving parts. Brand Manager What do they do? The image of a product is the first thing a potential client sees.Industrial marketing, also known as business-to-business (B2B) marketing, is a branch of communications and sales that specializes in providing goods and services to other businesses, rather than to individual customers (See also B2B Marketing).

The major difference between industrial and post industrial world is the form of labor.

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In industrial world labor was more physical in nature whereas in post industrial world it is more mental in nature. Industrial market segmentation is a scheme for categorizing industrial and business customers to guide strategic and tactical especially is important in sales and marketing, as government agencies and industry associations use standardized segmentation schemes for statistical surveys, most businesses create their own segmentation scheme to meet their particular.

2 Industrial Market Vs Consumer Market Buyer Behavior Understanding Industrial markets Industrial Market *Evaluated for functionality rational/task motive to buying. *Purchasers are experts & focus is more on performance/service. This statistic represents the projected compound annual growth rate of the global robotics market between and , by segment.

The global commercial robotics market is expected to see a . Consumer Markets (paints) Even in small villages Mass markets (1 billion) Small customers normally competition is within the country.

2 Industrial Market Vs Consumer Market Buyer Behavior Understanding Industrial markets Industrial Market *Evaluated for functionality rational/task motive to buying.

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