Consumer research reports

Job Board Market Research Reports HPBA collects industry statistics and conducts surveys that are primarily targeted to the needs of its manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and sales rep members in the hearth and barbecue industries.

Consumer research reports

But supplements aren't as safe as one may think, warns Consumer Reports. In its Consumer research reports investigationthe consumer advocacy magazine conducted interviews, reviewed research and analyzed side effect reports submitted to the U.

Food and Drug Administration's adverse event reporting program it obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. Are supplements as "natural" as the label says?

Are claims of cancer prevention all they're cracked up to be? From Consumer Reports, here are 10 surprising dangers you - and the more than half of Americans who take supplements - may want to keep in mind next time you pop open that bottle Of those, there were 10, Consumer research reports side effects, 2, hospitalizations, 1, serious injuries or illnesses, emergency room visits and deaths.

The FDA however cannot easily take supplements off the market despite receiving these reports. To date, it has banned only one ingredient, ephedrine alkaloids picturedafter a decade-long effort during which weight-loss products with ephedra were implicated in thousands of adverse events, including deaths.

How to protect yourself: Go to the FDA website and type in the name of the supplement you're taking to see whether it has been subject to warnings, alerts or voluntary recalls.

People having a bad reaction to a supplement should tell their doctor, and also report it to the FDA's adverse event system. Many of these recalled products have contained similar active ingredients to their prescription counterparts, such as sildenafil Viagra and sibutramine Meridia weight loss drug, pulled from the market in because of heart attack and stroke risk.

The FDA has received reports of kidney failure, potentially deadly blood clots in the lungs and deaths associated with supplements tainted by drug ingredients.

Looking to lose weight? Try diet and exercise. Want to bulk up? And for those experiencing issues in the bedroom, see a doctor, since it could be caused by an underlying health problem such as diabetes, high blood pressure or kidney disease.

Mega-doses of vitamins A, D, E and K can cause health problems, says Consumer Reports, and may interfere with other prescription medications people are taking.

Too much vitamin A in its retinol form may lead to liver failure or even death, while pregnant women may risk birth defects. Overdoing vitamin D intake may lead to unhealthy weight loss, bone pain, vomiting, diarrhea and muscle problems. A vitamin E overdose may increase a person's risk of bleeding, especially for those taking blood-thinning medication, according to Consumer Reports.

Too much vitamin K may harm people with kidney or liver disease. An iron overdose from supplements could damage organ function, leading to death if untreated. It's not very difficult to take more than a recommended dose either.

For example, a woman worried about her bones might take a calcium supplement, a multivitamin that contains calcium and on top of that, she might eat calcium-fortified cereal with milk. In doing so, she will quickly approach the recommended daily calcium limit of 2, milligrams.

Too much calcium may lead to kidney stones, says Consumer Reports. Add up your total daily supplement exposure - from foods or vitamins - and check with the Institute of Medicine for your daily recommended intakes to make sure you're not taking too much.

However, some companies choose to put them on anyway. Consumer reports reviewed the labels on 14 types of supplements - products in all - from stores in the New York City area, and found major inconsistencies. Some supplement labels warned against unspecified drug interactions or taking while pregnant.

Others warned about taking vitamins if you have a prior medical condition - but didn't specify the condition.

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Some labels mentioned there were possible side effects, without even detailing which ones. If you're taking other medication, make sure your doctor or pharmacist knows what supplements you are taking or thinking of taking.Consumer Reports Access Consumer Reports for free with your library card Founded in , they have a reputation for an unbiased approach to their work by hiring mystery shoppers and avoiding conducting research under the influence of outside advertising.

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Consumer research reports

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At Consumer Research, we feel it is our duty to review the best, and worst, products out there so you can avoid the scams and only buy from the best products available.

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