Analysis of consumers perceptions about engros

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Analysis of consumers perceptions about engros

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Along with a growing number of citizens in Greenland, he questions the real value and function of the partially government-owned, Greenlandic, mineral exploration company.

The critical chorus started to raise its voice at the turn of the year. Nunaminerals was on the verge of bankruptcy. The company asked for an injection of a few million Danish kroner in order to continue operations.

The Government of Greenland forked out. A few months later there were problems. Nunaminerals needed more money again. But by February the Greenland authorities had had enough.

In this magazine we draw attention to the state of affairs for Nunaminerals, which, at the time of writing, is struggling for survival.

The company is just one of the many exploration companies active in Greenland. But Nunaminerals is different in two respects. The only two active mines in the last 25 years — the Nalunaq gold mine and the Seqi olivine mine — are both Nunaminerals projects.

The company was responsible for discovering and developing them, and getting production off the ground. In historic terms, Nunaminerals has also attracted a great number of major foreign investments to the country.

Between andNunaminerals joined forces with Rio Tinto to explore a diamond deposit near Maniitsoq. The Greenlandic geologist is synonymous with Nunaminerals. He is recognised for his keen nose for new finds — especially of gold. The saying goes, that if an exploration company with Ole Christiansen in charge cannot succeed in Greenland, no one can.

If the partially government-owned company, Nunaminerals ends up bankrupt, this will give off a particularly negative signal.

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In the future, Greenland will find it even more difficult to convince foreign companies and investors to come here. At its extraordinary general meeting, the board and management argued that Nunaminerals would certainly prove its worth.

Analysis of consumers perceptions about engros

Their exploration portfolio has been completely cut back. It consists of six, carefully selected projects. Gone are the days of over-protracted or over-risky projects.

This is an industry larded with smooth talkers. This has not been the tendency of the mineral frenzy — the opposite has more often been the case. The company itself has stated the plain, black-and-white facts about the difference between success and failure in the industry.

Out of 10, finds, only 1 ends up as a mine. You will benefit from the fact that we are part of the Greenlandic society. We have the advantage of a broad network. We know the local requirements and we have an infrastructure in the form of hangars and aircraft all over the country.

Our 12 robust AS helicopters can handle almost any task. It is the ideal helicopter for sling operations with our experienced and competent long-line sling pilots. Our 8 Bell s with their versatile and spacious cabins, are effective in mobilizing your exploration camp.

With its unparalleled STOL capability, it matches the short runways all over Greenland and it is capable of landing on frozen lakes and other simple runways.

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