A cultural autobiography

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A cultural autobiography

It reveals your assumptions and digs deep into your psyche to bring out preconceived notions of culture in relation to the micro-cultures and subgroups that make up identity and your role within society.

Writing a cultural autobiography may allow you to not only understand your deeper self but also the roles of others within the society. In such a multicultural world, understanding your own cultural identity as well as being more open to others is extremely important in the workplace and home. Determine your placement in each micro-culture.

A cultural autobiography

Marybeth Peebles, associate professor of education at Marietta College, there are nine micro-cultures: Examine the subgroups and your roles within them, in relation to each A cultural autobiography. The subgroups, which are listed in the resources section, are where you fall in the micro-culture.

For example, in socioeconomic status it refers to underclass, middle class, upper class or somewhere in between.

Downloading prezi... Yet here I am, and here I hope to stay, culturally enriched and happy to broaden my horizons with every new school year.

For race it refers to Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic and more. Ethnicity, on the other hand, refers to where a person is from like Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Central Europe or elsewhere.

Geography refers to the region or environment a person is from like mountains or the ocean. For example, a Caucasian male would fall into the dominant subgroup in both race and gender but if that same man spoke only Gaelic in the United States, his experiences would be much different than someone who spoke only English or was multilingual.

Consider how your experiences within the cultural subgroups that you inhabit have shaped your personality and identity in relation to others in your life who may fall into different cultural subgroups.

For example, the only girl in a family with six brothers will have a different societal and cultural outlook from another female, who falls into all the same subgroups but grew up an only child or with sisters.

Conclude with a summary of your cultural identity based on experiences that you have discussed. Wrap up the discussion neatly and succinctly. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.The cultural autobiography should be an honest expression of who you perceive yourself to be along a cultural continuum.

Think carefully about each category and provide enough details to create a vivid portrait of your unique cultural identity.

An identity still evolving Stephanie Kirby Suburban Queen Blanquita Woman Child Teacher Girl A big part of my identity is my political affiliation, especially because I am a teacher. My political affiliation reflects my values and what I believe in. I believe in a society that gives opportunities to.

an autobiography is a story of a person’s life written by that person. one of the challenges of writing a good autobiography is to combine objective description with subjective feelings Word Wall: Autobiography -. Cultural Autobiography The purpose of this assignment is to illustrate recognition of your own cultural background and how your worldview has been shaped by your family, role models and life experiences.

This autobiography will help you express an appreciation for your own cultural identity and discover potential areas of development. Begin by . An effective cultural biography is well-written and structured, but above all, it tells a story about a person's life and growth through rich cultural experiences and history.

A cultural autobiography

Explore the subject’s background and personal successes, passions and dreams as they relate to tradition and culture. Suzanne's "Cultural Autobiography" Years and years ago, I never dreamed I'd find myself in California, far from my family, a university professor in an environment so completely "other" from the home I grew up in that I hardly know .

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